Product Divider

Evicon Product Divider, for equal portions

Without an Evicon “Product Divider”, there is no product portion streaming

The Evicon Product Divider is an unique machine unit for the food industry to divide the production stream in equal portions or part streaming.
This machine unit offers the only right solution for pump systems where it has to divide the portions or parts. In many occasions, mainly in the food industry, we have successfully introduced the Product Divider.

The Product Divider, which is also called Product Splitter, is executed with a product driven eccentric vane pump system. Each section has its own rotor with vanes. All sections are connected to each other.

Product Divider

Centre distance 40mm.
Available in 2 to 16 Outlets

Centre distance 76mm.
Available in 2 to 8 Outlets

Through a unique tool-less, dismantling system the EVICON Product Divider can be cleaned easily, quickly and thoroughly. For portioning there are plungers, cutting machines, cutting wires and trailing cutting systems available. We also customize and design peripherals for our customers.

The housing and slats are of course executed in stainless steel. The rotors are made of stable, virtually unbreakable, temperature stable, formfitting and hardwearing material. This certified material has been approved for the international food industry.

More and less viscose dough can be processed like:

  • Meat dough or mince in all sorts of conventional temperatures
  • Homogeneous meat, fish, poultry or vegetable masses
  • Sausage dough, snack dough and convenience dough in all kinds of recipes
  • Cheese products for bars, discs or slices
  • Ice masses in viscose variables
  • Raw bakery materials
  • Sauces
  • Bread and pastry dough

See the Evicon Product Divider in action

On the video you can see in action the 12-heads Evicon Product Flow Divider in combination with the shorten unit and conveyor supplied by Tap Machinebouw ( .
The meat mixture is pressed with high pressure through the Evicon Product Flow Divider and comes from the mouths 12 of the Product Flow Divider. The shorten unit and the conveyor belt ensure the correct length of the meatloaf rod.